“What is your motivation behind your music? "My motivation is to help people find an outlet with music like I was able to. To be able to connect and relate in a way that maybe, for a second the pain and heartache would go away, drive you to be a better person, to write your own music, or to inspire someone to be who they really are and live life to the fullest. Music has saved my life in so many ways. If I can help people the way it’s helped me, then I would feel accomplished everyday. I know that coming from a transgendered persons point of view, I can relate to some many other groups or kinds of people in this world that many might not be able to. I want people to see that just because I’m transgendered doesn’t mean I’m different or can’t do what other biological male and females can, I’m no different. I write, feel, sing, perform, entertain, speak out, stand up for things I believe in, just like everyone else in the world is enabled to do. I want to use my voice not only” - Admin, online music magazine (Oct 22, 2014)

“TLC - Strange Sex, "Right Guy, Wrong Body" Season 2, Episode 8 Episode Synopsis: Profiling a transgendered man who feels like he was born in the wrong body. Original Air Date: May 8, 2011 Aired: 5/8/2011 Also available on Amazon Instant Video” - Sirens Media, TLC, TV Guide, Amazon, OWN, wikipedia (May 08, 2011)
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